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Ideate and conceptualize your startup



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  • Business & product strategy + vision
  • Product positioning & pain-point research
  • Business model & investors prep


Everything you need to
“Go” your product

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  • Local and remote resources
  • Talent management & coaching
  • All inclusive flat pricing

Product Experimentation

  • Product prototyping & validation
  • User research and UX
  • Product stickiness strategies

Product Acceleration

  • Product development
  • Userbase acquisition
  • AI & data assets build-up

Growth & Scale

  • Virality modeling
  • User acquisition cost optimization
  • Growth hacking

Let us take care of
making it happen

We specialize in two things. One: building amazing products and services. Two: building amazing teams who grow them, because successful products need sustainable businesses.

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Team structuring

Let’s talk vision. Let’s strategize. Let’s figure a team structure that moves mountains.

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Talent onboarding

Meet your team members and get to know them. Let’s fire up their enthusiasm and motivation.

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Making decisions

You will work with the team directly, co-managing them along with a coCTO & coCPO.

Our team had been making it happen at:


We choose the right tools for every job

Cloud & Progressive Web Apps

Twitter saw a 65% increase in pages per session with the launch of a Progressive Web App, and 75% more Tweets, all while reducing the size of the app by over 97%. For Nikkei it was 2.3x more organic traffic, 58% more subscriptions, and 49% more daily active users. For Hulu, it was a 27% increase in return visits.

Web Apps that deliver

Intelligent IoT that is deep everywhere

TinyML / Edge AI for IoT

Leveraging Machine learning in deeply embedded systems expands the value that IoT endpoints create. We believe the ability to embed ML in ultra-low-cost, ultra-low-power microcontrollers, is changing the rules of the game for many industries. How can this revolutionize yours?

Mobile first apps for iOS and Android

Mobile apps are not side apps, they are first class apps delivering equal, if not better, experiences than their desktop counterparts. With that philosophy in mind, delivering the best experience on phone, tablet, and smart watch, increases growth and kills churn. Not to mention things like AR, where mobile becomes a must.

Mobile Apps that stand out

B-Corps get a discount. Non-profits get a bigger discount.